chinese new year of the pig

Your Next BACKBAR Drink Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Early February brought a new lunar year (oink oink, calling all piggies!) which means we HAD to look up our Chinese zodiac signs to read our horoscopes. Will we get promotions at work? Will our next bae come along soon? Our Chinese horoscopes will tell us!

Whether or not you subscribe to zodiacs and horoscopes, one prediction is clear: there’s a secret in your future…and it’s called the BACKBAR! In fact, if you tell us your Chinese zodiac sign, we’ll predict which cocktail you’ll be sampling next at our modern speakeasy. Give it a shot (or sip)!


Tell Us Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

chinese new year of the pig

Your Next BACKBAR Drink Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign
In the Shadow of Palm Trees

backbar cocktails

In the Chinese zodiac, rats are instinctive, acute, and alert. They are also, like, SUPER POPULAR...sound familiar? That's why your next BACKBAR cocktail is In the Shadow of Palm Trees, with Tromba tequila blanco, Carpano Bianco, Ancho Verde, lime, and guava cordial. Our super refreshing take on a margarita is perfectly tasty and universally appealing, just like you!

Oh hey, did you can learn to make this yourself!
Waikiki Brewing Eee Pah IPA
Those born in the year of the ox are described as simple, honest, and straightforward. So for your next visit to the BACKBAR, we can bet you'll be happy as an ox with a glass of Waikiki Brewing Eee Pah IPA. This classic, handcrafted brew takes it back to the basics so you can simply sip and sigh.

ddk cocktail

You're a Tiger – powerful, independent, confident, and brave – which is why you'd love our DDK cocktail with Botanist gin, Lagavulin 16yr scotch, Yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, corriander cardamom and tea tincture. Did you know...the guy after whom this drink was named shares many of your amazing traits! Who is it? Come on in and we'll tell you.
Moet & Chandon Champagne
If you're born in the year of the rabbit, you may be described as graceful, sensitive, and hospitable. So what better for you to cheers with in the BACKBAR than Moet & Chandon Champagne? What are you waiting for, hip hop on over for a glass of classy bubbly!
That Pink Drink

that pink drink

Like the literal name of this cocktail suggests, Dragons are frank and blunt, and also lively and intellectual. There's none better to sip over a spirited debate than That Pink Drink, with Laird's applejack brandy, Belle de Brillet pear liqueur, and Lucid absinthe. It'll have you breathing fire (calm down, not literally) in no time!
Jealous Lumberjack

jealous lumberjack

While snakes are wise and witty, they can be cunning, sly, and suspicious. There's no need to be green with envy; you, too, can enjoy the Jealous Lumberjack, featuring Kikori Japanese whiskey, Saler's gentian, Midori, lime, citrus syrup, and orange bitters. Plus, we have no doubts you'll easily charm your way into the BACKBAR. Sssssee you soon!
Old Fashioned AF

old fashioned af

You're a horse - dynamic and zealous with LOTS of friends! That's why you'll love our take on this classic...not just an old fashioned, Old Fashioned AF! It's got Russel's 10yr & Stagg Jr. bourbons, Michter's straight rye, sugar, and Angostura bitters for the perfectly dynamic cocktail. Plus, horses are known for their round's on you!
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc
As a sheep, you are tender, polite, and kind-hearted. On your next trip to the BACKBAR, enjoy a white as delicate as your soul – the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, with a concentrated and mouthwatering palate, and juicy stone fruit and subtle tropical characters underpinned by a fine minerality and meyer lemon acidity.
Devil's Swing

devil's swing cocktail at the backbar

Monkeys are clever, quick-witted, and intelligent, which is why you already know we're recommending for you the Devil's Swing. It's got El Silencio mezcal Espadin, Punt e Mes, apricot liqueur, and thyme-infused olive oil. And, since you're so smart, we're betting you can figure out how to walk away with this drink without having the oil drops meld together! (We sure can't.) can also learn to make this yourself!
Hey Yo, Chareau!

Hey Yo! Chareau

Hey yo, Rooster! You are honest, communicative, and bright, which is why you'll love the Hey Yo, Chareau! With Tanqueray gin, Chareau aloe liqueur, triple sec, lemon, hopped grapefruit bitters, basil, mint, jalapeno, and tonic, this cocktail's got taste AND texture (we've dubbed it "herb confetti"). It's an all-around fun you!

Bonus: learn how to make it yourself!
808 Pale Ale
If you were born in the year of the dog, you're loyal, responsible, and courageous. That's why you'll enjoy an ice-cold glass of 808 Pale Ale. This APA is a tried-and-true classic that'll never do you wrong. It's why we love it...and you!
Patz and Hall Pinot Noir
Pigs are independent, responsible, and optimistic. So, we know you'll love this Patz and Hall Pinot Noir. This complex, robust red will bring out the wino in you, and will leave you with a spicy kick. After all, it's your it up!

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