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Your National Brownie Day Mood

We know the year has flown by, and we know it because National Brownie Day has already arrived! Yes, December 8 marks the hallowed day where we forsake all diets and head straight for the chocolate. We choose to celebrate every year with our SKY Brownie Sundae (duh). It’s a decadent fudge brownie drizzled with house-made butterscotch sauce, topped with almond brittle and vanilla gelato. Need help figuring out what to pair with your brownie? Tell us your current #mood and we’ll help you with that pairing.


What's your current mood?

Your National Brownie Day Mood
Sizzling Surf & Turf

sizzling surf n turf

National Brownie Day was going along just fine until Donna put that last-minute, “urgent” assignment on your desk and made you skip lunch. You know what’s really urgent? Your tummy. Fill it with striploin steak and grilled lemongrass shrimp (with an Indonesian-inspired black pepper sauce), along with your SKY Brownie Sundae, obv, and you’ll be happy again in no time.
Yellowtail Ceviche

Yellowtail Ceviche

Nothing enhances excitement better than fresh yellowtail sashimi, in addition to your SKY Brownie Sundae. Trust us, we’ve had it tested and proven.
Garlic & Truffle Butter Fries

garlic truffle butter fries

Don’t try telling us garlic & truffle butter French fries don’t cure all. DON’T. EVEN. TRY. If you’ve just had a day, saddle on up for some rich, fried goodness, a SKY Brownie Sundae, and unbeatable ocean views, and we bet you’ll be up to snuff in no time.


What even is National Brownie Day? Why are there so many fake holidays to celebrate? Life’s questions are so confusing – and that’s okay, we’ve got a pairing for that. Just sit back, enjoy your SKY Tai & SKY Brownie Sundae, and enjoy the chocolatey, chewy goodness. Simple.
Spiked Affogato

Spiked Affogato

It’s been a long week, which means we’re pairing dessert with dessert (that’s allowed). Not only should you enjoy the decadent SKY Brownie Sundae, you should also enjoy both Amaro Montenegro and a double pull espresso. GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!

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