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Winter in Hawaii

Ah, December: The holidays are in full swing and it’s almost Christmas, then New Year’s Eve! While you may already be feeling in the holiday spirit, you may not know that today marks the official start of Winter. THAT’S RIGHT, grab your hoodies and gloves, because winter has already arrived. Do you think that you’ll want to be stuck on an island this season? You know nothing, Jon Snow. Here are 4 reasons why winter in Hawaii is the absolute worst.

Winter Activities in Hawaii Aren’t Fun at All

winter in hawaii

There’s no outdoor ice skating, no Christmas tree cutting, and no snowball fights! Literally what. Is. The. Point. Probably the most notable thing about winter on Oahu are all the major swells that come to the North Shore. So you could drive along and watch the huge waves at Pipeline, Sunset, and Waimea (and, okay, be kind of amazed). The closest you’ll get to snow on the ground on Oahu is allll that white sea foam that washes up and gets your towels wet when you’re least expecting it because you’re too busy soaking up the sun. We guess that could be way more fun than shivering in the cold, if you ask the right person 😉. If you’re not a seasoned surfer yourself you can always chill on the beach and watch one of the many surf competitions that come to the island during the season; and if you’re lucky, you might just be able to catch the famous Eddie Aikau surf competition! Famous surfers and sunny adventures, or Mall Santas and snowball fights? You decide.

Your Snowman Will Melt

hawaii snowman

Two quintessential wintertime requirements are sledding and snowman building. Surely you can’t do these in Hawaii, right? Even if you could find snow, your snowman would be gone in about two minutes (Frosty is shaking). Well, you could enjoy a tropical twist of holiday activities at any beach you decide to chill out on. But, what’s the fun in grabbing a skim board and catching some mini-waves or even setting up a slip-n-slide on the sand for some “sledding” in the sun? We will admit though, sand snowmen with their totally tanned look and seashell smiles can be pretty cute.

It’s Cold AF

hawaii hot chocolate

After spending a winter morning at the beach, it’ll be time to enjoy a nice warm drink! But in Hawaii, there are more choices than hot cocoa and cider. If you made the horrible mistake of going on holiday for the holidays, then a Pina Colada or refreshing SKYTai are perfect choices! If you want to feel extra *Christmasy* then opt for one of our faves: a holiday-flavored coffee, or a special holiday cocktail from our sister restaurant, Top of Waikiki!

Christmas Shopping is Horrible Here

hawaii winter

One inevitable truth of the holidays is that you’ll eventually have to stop enjoying yourself so much and actually go gift shopping for your friends and family who live on the mainland. There’s none of the classic bundling up, waiting in line in freezing temperatures, and driving in the rain and snow that we associate with the holiday season. No thank you! What’s supposed to make it better, besides the refreshing shave ice you’ll reward yourself with at the end of the day?

What’re you still doing in Hawaii?! Clearly it can’t compete with the wind, snow…rain….and general cold holiday season-like feeling of other states…. Actually, grab your beach towel and pull up a seat in the sand, because we think we’ll stay here through the New Year 😎🏝

hawaii beaches