Why Mondays are Actually the Best Day of the Week

No, you did not misread that and, no, we are not being sarcastic! Mondays get a bad rep for being the worst day of the week when they’re low-key high-key the best day of the week. Think of that TV show that you kept hearing bad things about, but you decided to start watching it anyway and then it completely blew you away, changed your life, and cleared up your skin. That’s Monday. (We’re not saying that all of those things will actually happen on Monday but, like, they totally could and that’s what really counts here.)

garlic chicken sliders

Three words: Garlic. Chicken. Sliders.
Not what we need on a Monday, but what we deserve. Oh, who are we kidding? This is totally what we need on a Monday, too! Garlic Chicken Sliders 😩 are now a Monday thing because SKY Waikiki is now a Monday thing. That’s right- your favorite rooftop bar, restaurant & nightclub is now open 7 days a week! If you’re impatient like we are, just click here to book your table now!

fresh start kitten

Mondays are a fresh start
You’re just coming back from the weekend and you’re feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Like, who wouldn’t be relaxed after sleeping for 48 hours straight? If we slept as much during the week as we do on the weekend, we would get so much done!

blank book

New beginnings
Mondays are a new beginning, which is not the same as a fresh start. The harsh truth is Friday is not the best day of the week even though you think it is. Fridays suck because they’re rushed and you’re too busy thinking about Saturday to really get anything done (at least we are because of Saturday Nightclub, duh). Mondays are great because if you start up a big project, you have the entire rest of the week to finish it if you need! So, why not start up allll the projects on Monday?! And then reward yourself for a hard day’s work with a No Way, Frosé! You totally deserve it.

beach moon

Monday’s celestial symbol is the moon
And the moon is awesome. Need we say more?

yin yang symbol

Weekends are filled with fun and relaxation, which is perfectly complemented by Monday’s discipline and organization. Although we prefer the weekend, for obvious reasons, Monday is the best day of the week because it helps get us back on track and gives us the balance that we crave in life. It’s all about the yin and yang, yo.


Monday gives you energy & makes you more productive

Because you’re coming back from a weekend off and are well-rested, you’re super energized on Monday mornings! This is the day we really get👏🏼 things👏🏼 done👏🏼 You can probably get all of your work done and even tackle a big “business meeting” (and by “business meeting” we mean happy hour).