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Which New Pet Should You Get For #NationalPetDay?

Did you know there’s an actual holiday dedicated to our furry (or not-furry) little besties? That’s right, it’s National Pet Day and the best way to celebrate this glorious holiday is by adopting a new pet into your family- obviously! The real struggle here is deciding what kind of pet you should adopt…they’re all so cute! For slightly less of a struggle, tell us which social bite from SKY Waikiki is your favorite and we’ll tell you what your next pet should be!


Okay, we realize that choosing a favorite social bite isn’t that easy either…but it’s better, right?


garlic chicken sliders
sky waikiki perfect burger
slider trio sampler
sky waikiki ahi poke
sky waikiki surf and turf
caesar salad
Yellowtail Ceviche
chicken and biscuits
spicy garlic shrimp

Choose your favorite social bite.

Which New Pet Should You Get For #NationalPetDay?


Our Garlic Chicken Sliders are a little bit out of the ordinary but they’re delicious and comforting! You want something that will make you feel good but isn’t totally basic and that’s why you should get a turtle as your next pet! These little guys aren’t considered a regular pet, they’re a cool pet!


You can never go wrong with our Perfect Cheeseburger (it isn’t called “perfect” for nothing)! You want something that you know is going to be good and that you won’t regret, which is why a dog is perfect for your next pet! Cute, fluffy, loves you unconditionally…sounds perfect to us! Don’t forget to add bacon to your burger! Or avocado...or both!


Our Slider Trio Sampler is perfect for those who live for the unexpected! Each slider is a completely different from the last, which makes each bite that much more exciting! You need a pet that’s going to keep things fresh and always have you on your toes. That’s why a bird is perfect for your next pet! What words or phrases will they repeat next?!


You picked our Ahi Poke & Avocado Mousse because it’s fresh and a little bit different but still a dish you know you’ll enjoy! A bunny is perfect for your next pet because they’re cute, fluffy, not your average pet but you know you’ll love ‘em for sure!


Go big or go home! Our Sizzling Surf & Turf is the perfect dish for when you want to go all out. A mini pig is perfect for your next pet because if you’re going to get a new pet, it might as well be something totally epic!

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Our Caesar Salad is the perfect dish for someone who just enjoys the simple things! You don’t all the bells and whistles to enjoy yourself, which is why you should get a fish as your next pet. They’re simple, easy-going, and great if you don’t want anything too cray cray! If you’re looking for a little bit of excitement in your salad, add on chicken or shrimp!


You picked the Yellowtail Ceviche because you like things that are different but high-quality. That’s why you should get a chinchilla for your next pet! These little guys are unique and low-key high maintenance, but absolutely adorable! The finer things in life = pet chinchillas


You like things that are straightforward and simple, which is why you picked our Chicken Wings & Biscuit! You can never go wrong with chicken wings or biscuits! That’s also why you should get a cat as your next pet. They’re simple and (usually) easy-going; they can take care of themselves. You’ll have a new pet, but you won’t have to do too much for him/her.


Spicy Garlic Shrimp: a classic dish but with a little kick that’s not for everybody…kind of like a pet frog! Pet frogs aren’t unheard of, but they are a little unexpected and not for everyone, just like the spicy kick we’ve added into our Spicy Garlic Shrimp, and that’s why a frog is perfect for your next pet! Now that you’ve got your next pet figured out, make sure to go out and celebrate National Pet Day! But…maybe you’ll want to book a dinner table at SKY first!

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