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Which March Madness team will lead you to office glory?!

Here comes the madness, whether you like it or not. You know, when the conversations over lunch and happy hour suddenly shift from Kardashians, work gossip, and the newest Netflix show that everyone says you HAVE to watch to…bracketology: the fake science everyone seems to know everything about while really knowing absolutely nothing.


Don’t worry, we totally understand. There is a lot to focus on in your everyday life, so it’s hard to keep up with college basketball all season. However, you don’t want to be the awkward person standing in the corner sipping tea as everyone gets hyped over their bracket for the next three weeks. The challenge is: how do you pick a bracket when you have literally no clue what is going on?

There are all sorts of methods to pick a team to win it all when you don’t really know the teams, such as by the coolest mascot, the most fashionable jerseys, or simply flipping a coin. But, those techniques haven’t worked in the past…trust us, we’ve tried. This year, we present the best and most accurate* way to pick the winner of The March Madness Tournament and will allow you to gloat around the office for the next 365 days. Okay, we can’t actually promise it’s gonna work, but hey, it’s better than saying heads or tails.

All you have to do is pick your favorite aspect of SKY Waikiki’s Aloha SKYday, and we’ll tell you which tourney team to ride to the end.

*As determined arbitrarily by ourselves.


What's your favorite part of Aloha SKYday?

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Which March Madness team will lead you to office glory?!
Kentucky Wildcats
Since you love having some fun with our bottle service that runs every Friday 9pm till 1am during Aloha SKYday, you’re gonna have a blast rooting for the Wildcats. No, it’s not Zack Efron’s Wildcats team. The Kentucky Wildcats have won the tournament an astonishing eight times, so they’re used to popping bottles and celebrating hard. Might as well book your table now so you can be ready to celly with them as they hoist their 9th title. Wildcats, get your head in the game.
North Carolina Tarheels
Too good of a deal to pass up! Our new kamaaina bottle specials allow you to enjoy a bottle of one of your favorite spirit, but at half the price. Every Friday night you can snag this clutch deal. The Tarheels are also clutch when it comes to March Madness, locals to the tourney, this team has proven time and time again that they belong in the madness and have won three times in the last 15 years. Win your bracket and win at Aloha SKYday! Reserve your spot now.
*Must present valid government or industry issued ID. 2 bottle maximum limit per table reservation (at this special price). May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.
Duke Blue Devils
Yeah it’s fun to go out and chill, but it’s not a complete night without some live entertainment. Since you like something to draw your attention and keep you occupied, Duke will be more than you could hope for. Not only are they a great team, they’re carried by (arguably) the best player in the last decade or so, Zion Williams. You’ll be as entertained as you are with our live music and beats every Friday night (shout out, John Akapo!). Let the fun begin and reserve your spot now.
Michigan Wolverines
Nothing like kicking back after a long week of work in a relaxed outfit. Change out of your fancy and professional business clothes and throw on your shorts and slippas. Casual dress code makes Aloha SKYday chill and lowkey which is why Michigan is perfect for you. Years ago, Michigan’s Fab Five changed the way basketball players wear their unis, so they could ball in a more comfy way. Ever since then, college and professional basketball players all dress as such: relaxed. Sit back and chill as the Wolverines carry you to glory. Reserve your spot now.
Kansas Jayhawks
The chill rooftop vibes make Aloha SKYday unique to any other place you would spend your Friday night. It’s fun to go out, but you spent all week dealing with pressures and stresses of work. Let’s keep that nightlife pressure of loud music, flashy lights, and intense dancing to Saturday’s nightlife. Fun and chill is why picking Kansas is your move. They wanna be a part of the March Madness tourney but don’t like the pressure of having to be a top four team. Great team with relaxed vibes. Chill out with Aloha SKYday and the Kansas Jayhawks. Reserve your spot now.
Gonzaga Bulldogs
Getting to hang on a Friday night 19 floors above Waikiki on a deck overlooking Diamond Head, the beach, and the city is pretty amazing. Plus, not having to pay a cover to enjoy all of this…we see why it’s your favorite part of Aloha SKYday. That’s why the Bulldogs are your team. An amazing team that was runner up just two years ago, BUT, nobody is betting on them even though they’re ranked highly…put together, means you can enjoy their road to glory at no expense. Gonzaga Bulldogs, like Aloha SKYday, no (cover) cost with high reward! Reserve your spot now.

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*exhales with relief* How refreshing does it feel to get that major life stressor out of the way? Feels great doesn’t it? Now you can kick back, start deciding what you’ll say to your friends and coworkers as you claim the March Madness glory, and enjoy chill, relaxed vibes all Friday night at Aloha SKYday with no cover, casual dress code, live entertainment, bottle service, and kamaaina bottle specials! Reserve your spot now.