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What Your French-Fry-Eating Style Says About You

There are few things that can reveal extremely important information about a person. One is: how do they eat their french fries? Today we’re going to tell you what your fry-dipping style says about you! Plus, we’ll tell you what each kind of dipper should donate to our annual Toy Drive, where you can get FREE SKY French Fries (our favorite kind) when you donate a new, unwrapped toy to SKY Waikiki between November 26th and December 24th. All toys donated benefit the Waikiki Community Center!


What's your french-fry-eating style?

What Your French Fry Eating Style Says About You
Barbie Doll
You play by the rules. You’re the straight-laced friend that everyone loves, because you always bring cups of ketchup back for the table! Condiment cup-dippers are the true diplomats of french fry eaters who live by the golden rule: No Double Dipping! You should donate: A Barbie Doll! They’re Proper and perfect all around.
LEGO Toy Set
You’re a little more daring, a little more fun. You know what you want and how to get it. Do you want a fry with no ketchup on it? reach over to the other side of the plate! A bit of condiment? Get to dipping! And you know you secretly love those few fries that get covered in the ketchup at the bottom. You have the best of all worlds and you know it! You should donate: A LEGO Toy Set, so the keiki can build whatever their heart desires!
Nerf Gun
You’re the complete madman of your group. You either a) don’t mind getting ketchup on your hands while eating or b) avoid that by eating your fries with a fork and knife. Some people might not get you, but that’s okay because you’re dipping to the beat of your own drum! You should donate: A Nerf Gun, because you love chaos
Robot Dog
Maybe you’re a picky eater, or maybe you have allll the faith that your fries are delicious by themselves (hello, SKY French Fries)! You’ve tried all the condiments and decided that they don’t do your taste buds any service! You’re likely the quieter one of your group, but you have pretty good taste and strong opinions. You should donate: A Robot Dog, that the kids can train on their own
You have life figured out. People who dip their fries in Frosty (or other milkshakes) say, “Why do I need a salty condiment? I already have a salty fry!” And they seek out a higher, more satisfying flavor combo. You know all the life hacks the internet can provide and you’re definitely not afraid to try new things. You should donate: A Hoverboard, because you’re already living in the future.

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After all that, we can all agree that French fries are something that brings joy to everybody! So enjoy your FREE SKY French Fries while spreading that joy yourself at our Toy Drive!