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What to do on Sundays Now That Game of Thrones Has Ended

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Game of Thrones was a TV-show era that filled our Sunday evenings for the better portion of a decade. Whether you had weekly watch parties or opted for the solitude of your bedroom, GOT was a crucial part of everyone’s weekend…okay, let’s be real: it ruled our lives, people! And now that the GOT age has ended, we’re left with the undying question, “what do we do on Sundays now that Game of Thrones has ended?” If your heart has been left with a Hodor-sized hole since May 19th, ours surely has, then keep reading!


1. Wallow in your own tears

sad crying baby

Okay, we know this isn’t a very great option, but we’d be lying if we said we haven’t cried a few Sundays since the end of GOT! Please don’t go all Mad Queen on us, we promise the next option is better.


2. Find a new TV show

barry on hbo

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We know that nothing can truly take Game of Thrones’ place, but we need to watch something, right? If you want to stick to HBO, check out some of their other popular shows like Barry and Westworld, or one of their latest additions: Chernobyl. If you’re looking for another dramatic show similar to GOT, check out this pretty solid list.


3. Read the book series

game of thrones book series

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Now here’s one that will make Samwell Tarley happy. You know what they say, “the books are always better!” You already know you loved the show, so naturally you have to love the books. Plus, there should be enough differences between the books and the series to keep you on your toes!


4. Drink away your sorrows at Sundown Sundays

sundown sundays at sky waikiki

Tyrion said it best: “Everything is better with some wine [or champagne!] in the belly.” And you’re in luck because every Sunday is Sundown Sundays at SKY Waikiki! Enjoy half off of select champagne bottles all night long and happy hour drink specials from 5-9pm at the bar, plus live music and entertainment! Not to mention chill music, panoramic Waikiki views, and a relaxed dress code. If all of this doesn’t help you get over missing GOT, then we don’t know what will!


Be sure to book your table, this ultimate summer sunset party is going on every Sunday until September 1st!


5. Watch GOT again from season 1, episode 1


Because why not??? Except, maybe we’ll skip the finale this time 🤔