Grande Short Rib Fajitas

What Famous Meme Are You Based on Your Fajita Choices

August 18 is National Fajita Day, meaning order up the Grande Short Rib Fajitas, because we are here to celebrate! If you haven’t yet tried them, this shareable dish features grilled kalbi short ribs and sautéed vegetables, served with kimchee and flour tortillas. Can you say “turn the fa-heat-up”??


We’re curious about how you’d eat our Grande Short Rib Fajitas…tell us your fajita choices and we bet we can match you with the perfect famous meme! And, don’t forget to reserve your table to grab your own order of fajitas today!


How do you eat your Grande Short Rib Fajitas?

What Famous Meme Are You Based on Your Fajita Choices
Success Kid

success kid meme

Your spirit meme is Success Kid. Adorable and relatable, you find joy in the little things in life, like creating fajitas with even amounts of fillings.
Scumbag Steve

scumbag steve meme

The perfect famous meme for you is Scumbag Steve, for obvious reasons. But hey, who cares, your tummy is full of delicious fajitas and that’s all that really matters.
Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat meme

Your famous meme has got to be Grumpy Cat (RIP). No offense, but everyone should really want to eat fajitas on National Fajita Day.
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Your meme is obviously the Most Interesting Man in the World. Because you don’t always eat fajitas, but when you do…
That Escalated Quickly

that escalated quickly meme

The meme for you is definitely That Escalated Quickly. You know, because you just took it from “National Fajita Day” to “excuse me, where’s the bathroom” in 60 seconds flat.
Ermahgerd Girl

ermahgerd girl meme

The famous meme perfect for you is Ermahgerd Girl, sans Goosebumps, add fajitas.

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