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The Perfect Spring Break Cocktail For You


As soon as the seasons shift, we’re all looking forward to one thing- spring break! Finally! Spring break is basically a summer pre-game and couldn’t come at a better time: right after all the stress from the holidays and seeing your entire family has worn off. (Is everyone’s family stressful to be around, or is it just ours?) Everyone loves spring break but everyone is a different kind of spring breaker. So, let us know what type of spring breaker you are and we’ll tell you which of our Aloha Life cocktails is perfect for you!


What's your spring break style?

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The Perfect Spring Break Cocktail For You
Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama

There’s no shame in posting everything on social media, especially when you’re on vacation! It’s called, “documenting memories”- duh! If this is you on spring break, you’ll need a cocktail that is totally ‘grammable- Bahama Mama! This cute, tropical drink is perfect to show off your vacay in Hawaii and it tastes just as good as it looks!

Bahama Mama - Hibiscus-infused Plantation 3 Stars rum, Koloa coconut rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur, pineapple, lime
Jet Lag Jet Fuel

espresso martini

If you’re that traveler that gets hit HARD with jet lag, this is the perfect spring break cocktail for you! Our Jet Lag Jet Fuel has cold brew coffee with a slight kick to wake you up and help you shake off that jet lag so you can really enjoy your time on island!

Jet Lag Jet Fuel - Ketel One vodka, cold brew coffee, spiced mocha syrup, egg whites, cardamom
Skinny Beach

Skinny Beach

Some people like to sit back and relax during spring break, but not you! You’re all about adventure and seeing everything that your destination has to offer (and there’s a LOT to do here, on Oahu). You need a cocktail that’s light and refreshing, like our Skinny Beach, so you can keep on keepin’ on to the next thing on your bucket list!

Skinny Beach - Tito’s vodka, calamansi, lime, soda
Kohana Daiquiri

Kohana Daiquiri

This isn’t your first rodeo and by “rodeo,” we mean spring break, obviously! You know what you’re doing and you don’t like messing around when it comes to this mid-semester vacay. You want a cocktail that’s unique and to-the-point, which is why our Kohana Daiquiri is perfect! No funny business here- this cocktail has just 3 ingredients, tastes amazing, and is made with a local rum distilled right here on Oahu! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

Kohana Daiquiri - Kohana Kea rum, lime, sugar


You’re unsure what to do...and that’s okay, it’s your first spring break in Hawaii (or maybe even in general)! What is for sure: our SKYTai is the perfect cocktail for you! It’s our version of a Mai Tai, a classic tropical drink, and is so tasty you’ll have #noragrets

SKYTai - Light rum, orgeat, lime, pineapple, passionfruit, orange guava, dark rum float

no ragrets
No Way, Frose!

No Way Frose

Here’s the problem: you keep saying, “no way,” when you *should* be saying, “No Way, Frose!” We know that studying and getting good grades is important, but so is letting loose and enjoying yourself every once in a while! The key is finding the perfect balance between having the time of your life and not getting too crazy, which is why No Way, Frose! is the perfect spring break cocktail for you. Think of it as an adult, is it *really* a cocktail if it’s made with rose? See you’re, like, not even really drinking 😉

No Way, Frose! - Domaine de Nizas rose, lychee, raspberry, lime
Blue Hawaii

blue hawaii waikiki

You’re here for a good time, not a long time! We mean on spring break, of course! You consider yourself part of *the* spring breakers because you really know how to have a good time and jam pack as much fun as possible into this short vacay. You need a cocktail that’s as vibrant as you and that is the Blue Hawaii! This electric-blue cocktail is super fun, delicious, and memorable. You’re drinking a Blue Hawaii in Hawaii...doesn’t get much more iconic than that!

Blue Hawaii - Light rum, vodka, blue curacao, pineapple, lemon, lime
Toki Highball

Toki Highball

It is spring Hawaii, nonetheless! Obviously you’re going to want to get in as much sun as possible to go back to school with as much of a tan as possible, we feel ya! Since you want to spend as much time in the sun as possible, you’re going to need a refreshing cocktail that’s light and easy to drink. That’s why the Toki Highball is perfect for you!

Toki Highball - Toki Japanese whisky, lemon, shiso, soda
Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Just because you’re on spring break doesn’t mean you can just drop everything. You’re still busy and have to make sure to prioritize your time properly- that’s what we call adulting! Since your time is precious, you really need things that are going to be worth your while- like our Singapore Sling! This drink is a revamped version of a classic cocktail that tastes delicious and will look totally cute on your Instagram. If that’s not worth your time, then we don’t know what is!

Singapore Sling - Broker’s gin, Benedictine, dark cherry liqueur, pineapple, lime, soda, Angostura bitters

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