Tell us how many chicken sliders you can eat in one sitting and we’ll tell you which hike to tackle this weekend

There are two things we can all agree on: 1. Oahu has some of the most breathtaking hiking trails and scenic views in the world; 2. Garlic Chicken Sliders from SKY Waikiki are THE BOMB. You might be asking, “what do these two things have in common?” and the answer is: everything. Oahu’s hiking trails and SKY’s Garlic Chicken Sliders are both beautiful creations that will transport your mind to another world full of pure bliss and leave you feeling amazed and satisfied at the end. Lucky for you, we can tell you which hike to do this weekend based on how many sliders you can eat in one sitting. Trust us, you won’t regret it (eating all the sliders or doing the hike).

How many garlic chicken sliders can you eat in one sitting?

Garlic Chicken Sliders
Garlic chicken and furikake macaroni salad, served on potato rolls. Includes 4 sliders ($20).