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Tell us how many chicken sliders you can eat in one sitting and we’ll tell you which hike to tackle this weekend

There are two things we can all agree on: 1. Oahu has some of the most breathtaking hiking trails and scenic views in the world; 2. Garlic Chicken Sliders from SKY Waikiki are THE BOMB. You might be asking, “what do these two things have in common?” and the answer is: everything. Oahu’s hiking trails and SKY’s Garlic Chicken Sliders are both beautiful creations that will transport your mind to another world full of pure bliss and leave you feeling amazed and satisfied at the end. Lucky for you, we can tell you which hike to do this weekend based on how many sliders you can eat in one sitting. Trust us, you won’t regret it (eating all the sliders or doing the hike).

How many garlic chicken sliders can you eat in one sitting?

Tell us how many chicken sliders you can eat in one sitting and we’ll tell you which hike to tackle this weekend

You started eating, and that’s what truly matters! One Garlic Chicken Slider doesn’t have too many calories, leaving a lot of room in your tummy to be filled. This is why you should hike Makapuu Lighthouse! This hike is pretty chill and paved the entire way up. It still gives you gorgeous views from the top, but won’t tire you out, so you’ll still have plenty of energy to try other hiking trails. And room for more Garlic Chicken Sliders!
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You finished two sliders? You should be able to muster up enough energy to make it to the top of Diamond Head! Although you love these savory Garlic Chicken Sliders, you don’t want to fill up on one thing. Two sliders are the perfect amount to give you that second push you’ll need for the stairs right before you reach the top! Diamond Head will give you beautiful panoramic views of Honolulu, but won’t make you so tired that you can’t hike again later! You really should explore the whole island of Oahu, it’s gorgeous *completely unbiased opinion* If you’re in need of some other fun things to do, we’ve got some ideas.
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Three sliders will give you a second wind, which is why the Makapuu Tidepools hike is perfect for you to explore this weekend! You’re not so full that you’re lethargic, but you have plenty of food-powered energy to make it through this little expedition! Right before the Makapuu Lighthouse, you’ll hook a right and head down the rocky mountainside to the tidepools just waiting to be explored! Your sliders will keep you going while you play in the pools and power you for the trek back up! Yes…you will have to climb back up (the less exciting, but necessary part of this hike).
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You finished a whole order of sliders! You’re feeling full and accomplished right about now, which is why the Lanikai Pillboxes hiking trail is perfect for you. This trail has some slightly intense upward slopes, with not a lot of shade, and beautiful views of Kailua and Lanikai Beaches when you get to the top. It will leave you breathless, in more ways than one! You’ll feel physically accomplished as you catch your breath and gaze out on the endless horizon… and think about getting another order of Garlic Chicken Sliders later. No shame.
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You devoured your first order of Garlic Chicken Sliders, but still needed more! That’s why Koko Head Crater is the perfect hike for you to dominate this weekend! You don’t feel accomplished when you hike those trails that just anyone can do; you need more of a challenge. Koko Head Crater can give you just that, and the breeze and view from the top make it all worthwhile! If you’re really about going above and beyond, leave the leisure to the next person and try running up to the top. Tell us your best time and we’ll tell you ours...
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Eating 1 ½ orders of Garlic Chicken Sliders is not for the faint of heart… and neither is Crouching Lion hiking trail! Although this trail is *only* a 4-mile loop, it reaches an elevation of 2,000 feet with dangerously narrow ridges throughout the middle. Your Garlic Chicken Sliders should give you enough energy to power through, but you might want to take the last two sliders to go and eat them as a snack halfway through! The beach lookout during this hike will make it all worthwhile – it’s also the perfect snack spot.
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Just shy of two full orders of Garlic Chicken Sliders…wow, you really know how to put ‘em down! That’s why you should hike Kuliouou Ridge Trail this weekend! This trail is about 5 miles roundtrip, starting with natural obstacles along the way before reaching the upward climb! This trail gives you the luxury of stairs to the top, but that doesn’t mean the climb is easy. Don’t worry, you’ll feel so rewarded when you reach the top. And maybe you can eat that last slider once you get there!
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Two orders of Garlic Chicken Sliders?! Color us impressed. That’s a sure-fire way to know you’ll have the endurance to power across the three peaks of Olomana Trail. This trail is about 4 ½ miles round trip, but probably the most intense 4 ½ miles you’ll ever hike in your life! The intense angles of the peaks are intimidating, and they only increase as you continue through to the next. The confidence you used to eat two full orders of sliders is the kind of confidence you’ll need on this hike! You’ll see some incredible views from the first two peaks, and keep in mind that the third peak should only be tried by experienced hikers and requires rope assistance all the way up.
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Food Coma

Three full orders of Garlic Chicken Sliders? On your own?! Whoa… Honestly, your food coma will likely last all weekend, leaving you no room to hike. You should just go home and sleep it off.

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