puppies on the beach

Pups Who Are Celebrating Towel Day the Right Way!

puppies on the beach

May 25th is Towel Day! This holiday is a tribute to late author Douglas Adams and is recognized all around the world with (you guessed it) towels! The only thing that could make this day any better is puppies, Hawaii beaches help too but mostly puppies. To satisfy your cuteness craving and to celebrate #TowelDay, we’ve compiled some of our amazing pup-fluencers who are celebrating properly- with their SKY Waikiki beach towels. Keep reading for furry, fantastic photos!  


Kiki @alohakiki808

Instagram @alohakiki808

You’re probably wondering if Kiki loves you, but she only loves summer and her SKY Towel and she’s not sorry! Kiki is a Cavalier Spaniel fashionista puppy, you can follow her Instagram for daily OOTD inspo and happy quotes. When she’s not busy stealing socks or being a mermaid, Kiki loves lounging under a palm tree with her SKY Waikiki beach towel!


Dublin @dubsfbi, Jadie & Zurie @alohapups

alohapups and dubsfbi

Instagram @alohapups @dubsfbi

“They’re the three best friends that anybody could have!” Dublin (left) is a crab hunter and ocean adventurer based on the Big Island of Hawaii! He loves being outdoors and having fun with his ohana and his fur-iends! Jadie (center) and Zurie (right) are a Papillon and Lhasa Apso duo who are livin’ their best island lives! Better known as the “Aloha Pups”, you can follow Jadie and Zurie as they explore the islands and spread their Aloha Spirit! As you can see with these three amigos, SKY Waikiki towels are perfect to share on beach days with your friends! Wait, whose towel is this again?


Cookie @cookie_luv_club


Instagram @cookie_luv_club

She’s one tough Cookie! Cookie is a Shihtzu puppy, model, diva, and foodie. You’d never be able to tell now, but Cookie was a rescue pup who had to be saved more than once. Thanks to her faithful and determined mama, she’s now living her best life in Hawaii. She loves to document her adventuring, making new friends, flaunting the latest bow fashion, celebrating life, and lounging on her SKY towel!


Dodger @theartfuldodgerman


Instagram @theartfuldodgerman

Dodger is an artsy Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Dachshund mix) puppy who’s been stealing hearts since birth! He loves being outdoors where he can feel the wind in his mane and the sand in his paws. When he’s taking a break from playing, he’s still on the lookout for some waves and always has his SKY towel nearby!


George @huskypupgeorge


Instagram @huskypupgeorge

Wait, you’re supposed to lay *on top* of the towel? George is an energetic and adventurous Husky puppy! He’s lived in a few different places but is currently living the Hawaiian Husky life. He loves hiking, going to the beach with his parents, and using his SKY Waikiki beach towel as a blanket!


Cooper & Jam @lifeofcooperandjam


Instagram @lifeofcooperandjam

Dynamic duo! Cooper and Jam are a pair of pups who were rescued in Texas and now live in Hawaii! These brothers love being outside in the park or at the beach and always have a good time playing together. Luckily, our SKY towels are big enough for the both of them! 


Penny @pennydoxie


Instagram @pennydoxie

Penny is a Miniature Dachshund puppy living the aloha life in Hawaii! She loves going to the beach and spending time with her family. Summertime is her favorite time for beach days (duh) and she’s always sure to pack the essentials, including her SKY beach towel!


Hana @plumaei


Instagram @plumaei

Hana is a beautiful Borzoi living on the North Shore of Oahu with her sister Pali. They love being at the beach, watching the sunset, and playing in the water! They have an ongoing battle over who *owns* the SKY Waikiki beach towel but, on this day, Hana was the clear winner!


Kogi @kogithedoxie


Instagram @kogithedoxie

Kogi is a Miniature Dachshund puppy who thinks food = life and loves making new friends! She loves wearing fun costumes and changing up her bandana daily. Check out how cool she looks with her custom bandana and an ice-cold coconut chew toy on her SKY Waikiki towel! 


Bubu @paradisepomsky


Instagram @paradisepomsky

Bubu is a Pomsky (Pomeranan + Husky mix) who is a professional troublemaker and nap extraordinaire. He enjoys long walks on the beach, meeting new fur-iends, and chewing things! He also loves adventuring and is sure to bring his SKY Waikiki towel for lounging and drying off after the beach!


Buster @busterthebombpom


Instagram @busterthebombpom

Buster is an 11-year-old Pomeranian and Fox Terrier puppy! He loves dressing up, adventuring with friends, and being the bomb.com! He can’t turn down a beach party invite and always brings along his SKY towel, which makes all his friends jealous.


Henry @pugnamedhenry


Instagram @pugnamedhenry

Henry is a Pug puppy living the #puglife in Honolulu! He’s won an award for having the longest tongue, better for grabbing all those treats! His favorite things to do are playing fetch, stealing socks, spending time with his parents, and lounging at the beach on his SKY Waikiki towel!


JB @jbthegolden


Instagram @jbthegolden

JB is a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy living on Oahu! He loves hanging out in the yard, playing with his westie brother, and is always smiling! Although he has to share some of his toys with his brother, he made sure to claim this SKY towel as his own!


Juju @goodjujuinhawaii


Instagram @goodjujuinhawaii

Juju, short for Julian, is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel living on Oahu! He’s a combat veteran service dog who loves adventuring all around the island with his hu-mom. Even though he’s always working, he still enjoys relaxing in the shade with some treats, chew toys, and his SKY Waikiki beach towel!


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