Pick Your Favorite View from SKY Waikiki and We’ll Tell You How to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

If you can’t stop browsing puppy photos in Instagram, love petting strangers’ dogs, or have a fur baby of your own, today is your day. Well actually, it’s your puppy’s day! National Puppy Day is the perfect time to celebrate your dog (as if you don’t every day) and take them out on a pet-friendly adventure! Choose your favorite view from SKY Waikiki and we’ll tell you which Fido-friendly activity you should do on Oahu, then get ready to take your puppy for a W-A-L-K around the island.

What's your favorite SKY Waikiki view?

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Pick Your Favorite View from SKY Waikiki and We’ll Tell You How to Celebrate National Puppy Day!
Go to the beach

beach rockyklimpz

If you love the beach, your pup probably will too! Oahu has many beach parks that are pet-friendly, boasting lots of sand and calm waters for you and your puppy to splash around in. Your dog is sure to love running around in the sunlight, digging holes in the sand, and playing in the water! A few dog-friendly beaches are Kahala Beach, Kailua Beach Park, and Barber’s Point Beach Park. Just remember to bring your leash, in case you need it.

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Take a hike

hike with dog

If gazing out at Diamond Head makes you itch for a little adventure, then you should take your puppy on a hike. There are some great hikes around the island that are easy enough for you and your dog to do in just a few hours! Some great choices are Manoa Falls, which has a beautiful waterfall at the end; Waimano Ridge Trail, and the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail. You and your pup will love the exercise and views these hikes have to offer. Plus, who doesn’t love a puppy photo-op at a waterfall??

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Go to a dog park

dog park

If the hustle and bustle of the people down on the Waikiki strip is your favorite view, you should take your doggy to the dog park. Just like you need some time with your besties every once in a while, your puppy needs to spend some time with other dogs. A great way to do this is by bringing them to a dog park, and luckily Oahu has a few to offer. Diamond Head Bark Park, Ala Wai Dog park, and Hawaii Kai Dog Park are all places where your dog can get all of the energy out of their system with other pups.

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Grab a bite to eat

purve donuts

Did someone say eat?! If you like kicking back and taking in the relaxing sunset views from your table, then you should find a place to enjoy dinner with your dog! Thankfully, there are also a few super pet-friendly restaurants where your doggy can enjoy being by your side while you chow down. A few pet-friendly restaurants around Honolulu include The Nook, Piggy Smalls, Purvé, and Bevvy. Some places even offer custom dog water bowls and have bags of treats behind the counter!

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dog sleeping

If your favorite view is the inside lounge, then you and your dog should do…absolutely nothing! Lounging with your puppy is a great way to bond, and it’ll make you both super happy! Plus, what does a pup love more than cuddling with their best friend?

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