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Our Favorite Costumes in the History of SKY Waikiki

Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time for Night of the Killer Costumes, our annual costume contest and Halloween party! Our prizes this year include $2000 cash for best costume, and $1000 for sexiest costume! Are you up for the competition? We know coming up with a costume can be hard, that’s why we’ve gathered our 8 favorite costumes we’ve seen at SKY Waikiki for your inspiration! We’ve even included some past winners, so take notes.


Cutest Couple: Carl Fredricksen & His House from UP

This one wins cutest couple and most likely to make you tear up from remembering the opening scene in Up. We love that this couple went all out to dress up as Disney favorites! They could have just been Carl and Ellie (RIP), but they went the extra mile and made an entire house – complete with balloons! Bravo.

Cutest Group: Pink Poodles

We think these pink poodle costumes are absolutely adorable! There are plenty of ways to do group costumes, as well as animal costumes, but these poofy pups take the cake as cutest of both!

Most “Killer” Group:  Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic Halloween theme (catch us dressed as your favorite characters this year!). Add a hint of craziness (hello, Hatter) and a bit of blood and you’ve got a perfect group theme. Plus, there’s something a pretty spooky about crazy, blood-covered Alice.

Most Theatrical: Maleficent

While you can definitely get away with a simple costume (by being a mouse, duh), we’re always impressed by the theatricality and creativity that some people muster up on Halloween! This Maleficent is a perfect variation of the villain in her live-action movie. If only we looked that good in horns!

Costume of Our Dreams: Pizza Delivery Girl & Pizza

These two girls really know how to cater to the audience! Vegans, drunk people, even health nuts all LOVE pizza, so you can’t get more relatable than a slice of pepperoni accompanied by an angel a pizza delivery girl.

Everything We Could Want and More: Magic Jack

We had to include winner of best overall costume in 2016, Magic Jack! Magic Mike + Jack in the Box? Sounds like our idea of a perfect Saturday night, and a darn good Halloween costume. Now excuse us while we cool off with a Jack in the Box milkshake.

Best Zombie: This Guy

Is it really Halloween if you don’t have a few good zombies? Of course not! This guy is our favorite zombie we’ve seen roam through SKY at Night of the Killer Costumes. We love the effort that he put into this realistic and scary zombie makeup!


Now that you’re a little inspired (and maybe even a little scared!), it’s time for you to think of your costume for Night of the Killer Costumes (book your table)! Will you be sexy, funny, or scary? We can’t wait to see this year’s ‘fits on October 31st!