no dirty dishes day

No Dirty Dishes Day

Dirty dishes can be the tipping point for couple fights and the most dreaded item on chore lists. It’s a fact of life that almost every day, we’ll need to do the dreaded deed of washing the dishes. Thankfully, May 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day, a fun excuse to break out of the normal routine, leave your dishes in the sink, and relax! How should you celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day? Well, you could start by doing all of your dishes ahead of time, you could use only disposable (eco-friendly) plates and utensils, or you could eat all of your meals out at a restaurant! Grab a smoothie to-go for breakfast, get lunch out with your friends, and then head to SKY Waikiki for dinner. Does it still count as dirtying dishes if you lick your plate clean?


Tell us why you hate doing the dishes and we’ll tell you which social bite at SKY Waikiki to try!


Why Do You Hate Doing the Dishes?

fights over dishes
dishes are annoying
dirty dishes
clean dishes

No Dirty Dishes Day
Slider Trio Sampler

slider trio sampler

You hate doing the dishes because you never know if it’s actually your turn to do them (you swear, you just did them yesterday)! If you and your sibling, roommate, or significant other can never choose whose turn it is to do the dishes, you should get the Slider Sampler Trio! Perfect for the indecisive, you’ll get one each of the Garlic Chicken Slider, Lobster Roll Slider, and Teriyaki Pork Slider. Last one to finish cleans the kitchen!
Parmesan & Pepperoni Fries

parmesan and pepperoni fries

One of the worst things about hating dirty dishes is that the longer you wait to wash them, the longer it takes! You’re more of an immediate satisfaction type of person, so you should try the Parmesan & Pepperoni Fries: crispy French fries tossed in achiote oil and parmesan, topped with pepperoni. They’re so delicious from the first bite that you’ll probably finish them before you know it!
Perfect Cheeseburger + Add-Ons

perfect cheeseburger with bacon

Just because you don’t like getting your hands dirty for dishes, doesn’t mean you won’t for some delicious food! To celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day, you should try our Perfect Cheeseburger, complete with one of our new add-ons: sliced avocado, fried egg, or thick-cut bacon. Feeling like getting extra messy? Try a combo of two or even all three! After all, you’re not the one washing the plate.
Caesar salad + Add-Ons

shrimp caesar salad

You actually like doing dishes because you enjoy keeping a nice, beautiful kitchen no matter how much work it takes. It only makes sense that you should eat something clean, too! Try our Caesar salad with Kula baby romaine lettuce, Ho Farms tomatoes, garlic croutons, and parmesan cheese with caesar dressing. Treat yourself for doing those dishes by adding on organic chicken breast, grilled shrimp, or seared ahi!

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Put the sponge down and make your reservation at SKY Waikiki to celebrate No Dirt Dishes Day!