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In the Shadow of Palm Trees

the backbar speakeasy

If you’re hip, cool, and in-the-know (or just one of those people who finds out everything about…everything), then you’ve definitely heard about the BACKBAR: Waikiki’s best speakeasy hidden behind the walls of SKY Waikiki and available only to those who can find the ever-changing password. Although the BACKBAR is hidden within SKY Waikiki, there are many differences between the two: including the cocktail menus! The BACKBAR has its own exclusive list of craft cocktails by Director of Mixology, Jen Ackrill. Today, in addition to telling you about the BACKBAR, Jen is also revealing one of the new cocktails from the menu! If you can keep a secret (or even if you can’t), read on to learn how to make “In the Shadow of Palm Trees” and watch the video below!

In the Shadow of Palm Trees is a refreshing take on a margarita with a little crafty twist! Start of by adding in 1.5oz Tromba Tequila Blanco. The Tromba tequila is produced from 100% Blue Agave and has a very nice, viscous finish with botanical aromas and notes of mint, pineapple, and caramel (yum!).

Next, add in 0.5oz of Carpano Bianco. This is an Italian vermouth (sweet wine) made with a white wine base, which will add a little bit of sweetness to the drink.

After that, add in 0.5oz of Ancho Reyes Verde. Ancho Verde is a green chile liqueur which has a bright and herbal taste but adds a little heat from the poblano chile and helps balance out the sweetness from the Carpano Bianco.

Now, add in 0.5oz of guava cordial (which is just concentrated guava juice) and 0.5oz of lime juice; Jen recommends the freshest lime juice you can find!

After you’ve got all your ingredients in, add ice and shake it up really well!

Finally, pour over fresh ice and garnish with a tea leaf and there you have it! You’ve successfully created your very own In the Shadow of Palm Trees cocktail. Now, you just have to successfully find the BACKBAR password…