devil's swing cocktail at the backbar

How to Make the Devil’s Swing


If you haven’t visited our latest addition: the BACKBAR speakeasy, then…wait, seriously? 😳 The BACKBAR speakeasy is hidden within the walls of SKY Waikiki complete with featured social bites, which you know and love, and exclusive craft cocktails. Today, Director of Mixology Jen Ackrill is telling you all about one of those exclusive craft cocktails: Devil’s Swing! Keep reading and follow along with the video below to learn how to make this drink for yourself! Or visit the BACKBAR to try one made by the master mixologist herself (really, the password isn’t *that* hard to find…).

el silencio mezcal

Start off by adding in 0.75oz of El Silencio Mezcal into a mixing glass. We recommend using El Silencio because their mezcal is made using traditional techniques which delivers a very classic flavor in your drink!

apricot liqueur

Then add in 0.75oz of Apricot Liqueur and 0.5oz of Punt e Mes. Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth (fortified wine), whose name refers to the flavor being characterized as one “point” of sweetness and half a “point” of bitterness.

stir with ice devil's swing

Next, add in some ice and stir! We want it to get nice and cold, but we don’t want to overstir it to the point where it gets diluted. Just get it nice and chilly.

lemon oil

Now, we can pour it out into our Nick & Nora Glass and add a little bit of lemon oil by squeezing a lemon zest around the rim of the glass.

garnish and olive oil

To top it off, add in 3-4 drops of a thyme-infused olive oil just floating on the top- this will make it look extra sophisticated (and as if you tried really hard to impress your friends). Garnish it with a thyme sprig and voila: Devil’s Swing!

devil's swing cocktail sky waikiki

Be sure to tag us @skywaikiki in your recreations of this delicious craft cocktail! Or, if you’d rather try one made by Jen (we don’t blame you), visit us in the BACKBAR tonight. Click here for a password hint 😉