hawaii trivia

How Many of These Hawaii Trivia Questions can you Answer?

hawaii trivia

January 4 is National Trivia Day, which we’re celebrating with…trivia (is there another way?). Whether you were born and raised in Hawaii or just a fan of our beautiful islands, we bet you can’t answer all these Hawaii trivia questions!

Hawaii is the one of only two US states that grows…

About what percentage of the world’s supply of pineapples come from Hawaii?

Hawaii is home to the only royal palace in the United States.

Which mountain is the tallest on Earth?

Upon first discovery, what did James Cook originally name the Hawaiian Islands?

What is Hawaii’s nickname?

Hawaii is home to the second largest pineapple maze in the world.

Hawaii was the first state to ban plastic bags.

On the island of Kauai, buildings cannot, by law, be taller than…

Final question: how many correct answers are required for entry to SKY Waikiki? Trick question – none!