hey yo chareau

Hey Yo! Chareau

The Hey Yo! Chareau is a deliciously refreshing cocktail, perfect for a hot sunny day- which is basically every day when you’re in Hawaii! It’s available exclusively in the BACKBAR speakeasy at SKY Waikiki, unless you decide to make one yourself! Jen Ackrill, our Director of Mixology, is here today to show you how to make this crafty cocktail to help you cool down on a warm day or help you look cool by making it for your friends and family (you’re welcome). Keep reading to find out how this cocktail crafting is done and be sure to watch her video below!

london dry gin

Start off by adding 1.5oz of London Dry Gin. Jen is using Tanqueray but any London Dry Gin would be just fine (it won’t really affect the end product)!


What has to be in there is this next ingredient: Chareau! Add in 0.75oz of this aloe vera liqueur with hints of cucumber, mint, and muskmelon. This is what really makes the drink delicious and refreshing.

jen ackrill triple sec

Next, add in 0.5oz of Cocktail Artist triple sec. And, yes, it has to be this exact triple sec because obviously it tastes better when it comes in a bottle with Jen Ackrill on it (duh)! If you don’t have one yet, these are available at Walmart nationwide!

hopped grapefruit bitters

After that, add in 0.5oz of fresh lemon juice and 2 dashes of hopped grapefruit bitters. Hopped grapefruit bitters combines Pacific Northwest hops and grapefruit peel to create a concoction which adds a little citrus punch to your cocktail.

mint and basil

Finally, add in some fresh mint and basil leaves, ice, and shake it up really well!

herb confetti

Typically, Jen would fine strain a cocktail like this to filter out the little bits of mint and basil leaves. For this drink, she likes having the herb confetti (!!!) so she’s just using her Hawthorne strainer to pour it into a collins glass.

Top your drink off with some tonic, fresh ice, and garnish it with a mint sprig (or two, or however many you’d like) and there you go- the Hey Yo! Chareau!

hey yo chareau

Perfect for a summer day, or any day really! If you’d still rather try a Hey Yo! Chareau made by Jen- no shame- check out the BACKBAR today (if you can find the password 😉)!