Mermaid Caves

Go Off the Beaten Path on Oahu

Waikiki beach, Lanikai, and Manoa Falls are all well-known, beautiful destinations for tourists. They’re easy to get to, but often a little crowded due to their popularity. Sometimes it’s nice to go off the beaten path – whether on a hiking trail that’s more secluded or to a hole-in-the wall restaurant. Are you ready to head to some of Oahu’s more secluded spots? Read on to find our picks of places that are different from your typical tourist destinations!


Kaneana Cave/ Makua Cave

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Far on the Leeward (west) coast of Oahu, Makua Cave is nestled at the bottom of a cliff about 100 feet high. If you’re driving out to the beaches on the west side, the cave is incredibly easy to miss – you may not even notice it’s there! That’s part of what makes this such a great, lesser-known destination for those seeking a little adventure. There is a short but steep hike leading from the base of the cliff to Upper Makua Cave where the really great views are!


Ka’ena Point

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If you’re driving to Makua Cave, it only makes sense to keep driving down the road until you get to Ka’ena point! Ka’ena point sits at the end of a 2.7 mile trail (don’t worry, it’s flat almost the whole way) and is the westernmost point on Oahu. You won’t find many people out here at most times, but you will find albatross, monk seals, and tons of tiny creatures in tide pools that are deep enough to swim in! If you have a few hours to spare on your trip then Ka’ena Pont is a must see, but the views along the entire trail are proof that the journey is just as beautiful as the destination.


Mermaid Caves

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Anyone hip with trends in 2018 knows that mermaid anything should be incredibly popular, right? This isn’t so true with the Mermaid Caves on Oahu! This cave system sits on the west coast of Oahu and is famous for it’s breathtaking, mysterious ambiance. Getting to the cave is a little difficult as you have to walk across jagged lava rock to get to the opening that drops into the secret shore inside the cave. But trust us, it’s totally worth it for the extreme Little Mermaid vibes you’re gonna get. Once you find the cave, drop down into it and you’ll feel like you transported to a magical world right here on Oahu. Just don’t make any deals with sea witches while you’re down there.


Green World Coffee Farms

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Ready to take a break from the outdoor adventures and fuel up for the day? Green World Coffee Farm is a farm and coffee shop located in Wahiawa, right on the way to Oahu’s North Shore. This coffee shop sits a little off the highway on 7 acres of land surrounded by 3,000+ coffee trees! This farm offers a full cafe menu, tours of the property to learn how their coffee is grown, and a gift shop filled almost from floor to ceiling with fresh Hawaiian coffee beans as well as ceramics by local artists. It’s the perfect little stop to make before your big day of adventure!


Kalama Beach Park

Kalama Beach Park is a 2+ mile long stretch of beach along the Windward (east) coast of Oahu, right by the super-popular Lanikai and Kailua Beach parks. This lesser-known stretch of beach isn’t nearly as packed as its neighbors but it’s just as beautiful! The calm, bright blue waters are perfect for bodysurfing, kitesurfing, or playing with families and puppies!



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Hungry for more adventure? Grab a map and head out to some of these places, then find the password and relax at the BACKBAR for a drink – you deserve it!