Draft Your Perfect Weekend And We’ll Tell You What Your Fantasy Football Team Should Be Named

As we enter the fading moments of summer, the days become shorter, the weather becomes colder, and our life becomes consumed with all things fantasyfootball related. The email chains with coworkers transition from microwave cleaning responsibilities to draft day scheduling. Days upon days are spent researching every last stat to build the perfect team. Everything you do leads up to draft day…and then…you have to wait. 


Two of the biggest issues you face from draft day to the start of the football season:  

  1. Establishing a team name
  2. Occupying your time to make the season come faster  

Don’t worry, we are here to help!  


We understand the most crucial yet most difficult part of the entire fantasy football season is establishing a team name. It’s your identity. The name that will be cemented in the history books and plastered on your league’s trophy when you’re crowned champion (hopefully).  

We know just how to pick the team name that is perfect for you, and we even put it in draft terms, so your footballaddicted brain will understand. All you have to do is draft your perfect Oahu weekend! Not only will you end up with a ton of great ideas to help time fly till kickoff, but you’ll also be rewarded with your team name based on how well you draft your weekend. You can thank us later, but now it’s time to get drafting.



Sunset Cruise
Paddle board Yoga


lanikai pillbox hike
hanauma bay
Whale watching


surf at the north shore
kailua beach
dinner at top of waikiki

Draft Your Perfect Weekend And We'll Tell You What Your Fantasy Football Team Should Be Named
Lights, Kamara, Action
Your team name is Lights, Kamara, Action because you seek thrill and adventure like clubbing on Saturday nights!
Wentz Upon a Time
Your team name is Wentz Upon a Time because you like experience things that seem too good to be true, like enjoying a delicious dinner overlooking Waikiki!
Goodwin Hunting
Your team name is Goodwin Hunting because you love spending life chill and relaxed, like a night at SUNDOWN Sunday!

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