new year resolutions 2019

Ditch Your Resolution Day


Did you start 2019 off hoping to be super motivated, inspired, and healthy? Every January, almost everyone makes ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions that they think will help them, but really just end up draining the fun (and good food) from their lives. If this sounds like you, we have great news! January 17th is Ditch Your Resolution Day, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: the official day to say sayonara to those pesky resolutions, drop your diets and exercise routines, and pick up that glass of wine. Read on for the best ways to ditch these common resolutions and get ready to feel free for the rest of the year!

Eat Healthier:

eat healthier at sky waikiki

It’s safe to assume the most common resolution is to eat healthier or diet. If this was one of yours, we’re sure you’ve been absolutely loving your kale salads and veggies. But you know what they say: if salads are good, sliders are better! Wait, that’s not an actual saying? Well it is now! We have plenty of delicious dishes (including Garlic Chicken Sliders) for you to choose from for your next meal that will make you and your taste buds happy. Plus, we serve social bites which are perfect for sharing with friends, so know you’re not alone in ditching that resolution.

Save Money:

Saving money is another admirable goal for the new year. If you can go a week without wanting to buy new clothes or half of Target, you’re our hero. However, it’s been over two weeks so now it’s time to stop saving every penny and treat yo’self a bit! Buy that pair of shoes you want or come into SKY for our Ladies’ Night champagne promo or a dinner date!

Hit the Gym:

healthy lifestyle in 2019Going to the gym is never just going to the gym. Getting there, walking around working out, showering, getting home, missing out on valuable Netflix time… that sounds like a whole process that isn’t nearly as fun as alternatives. What could possibly be better than going to the gym, you ask? Wine glass curls! Jumping for joy in group pics! Running after your dog after it gets out again! All of these are total workouts and definitely count as your exercise for the day.

Drink Less:

drink less in 2019With a full year of birthdays, celebrations, and weekends ahead of us it’s just downright unrealistic for most people to stop drinking. What are you gonna do, not drink champagne on V-Day, or brave Thanksgiving with your family without a few shots? We didn’t think so. So, enjoy that cocktail or glass of bubbly! SKY has plenty of delicious drinks to help you ditch this resolution. And most of them have fruit juice in them so they’re healthy, right?

In the age of treating yourself, resolutions are basically made to be broken. Join us to #ditchyourresolution and live your best life in 2019!