Kohana Daiquiri

Classic Daiquiri with a Local Twist

At SKY Waikiki, we love featuring local ingredients throughout our menu whenever possible, and we’re not just talking about food! Our Aloha Life cocktail menu has a few drinks with local ingredients, including the cocktail featured today: Kohana Daiquiri! This is a classic daiquiri recipe with a little local twist and our Director of Mixology, Jen Ackrill, is showing you how to make it! It features rum from KoHana Distillers- a local distillery located in Kunia near the Dole Plantation.



Keep reading to find out how to make this simple, delicious cocktail!


kohana kea rum

Start off by adding 2.0oz of KoHana Kea rum into your shaker. Now, this isn’t a typical rum if you’re used to drinking clear rum. KoHana Kea is an agricole-style rum distilled from local sugar cane and has beautiful vegetal, grassy notes as opposed to warm caramel notes.


lime juice

Next, add in 0.75oz of lime juice. Freshly squeezed lime juice is great if you feel so inclined to do so, otherwise any ol’ lime juice will do the trick!


real simple syrup

Then, add in 0.5oz of rich simple syrup. Rich simple syrup is just a two-to-one ratio (2oz of sugar to 1oz of water), which gives the cocktail a nice viscosity that’s sweet with a little bit of texture. If you want to use a one-to-one simple syrup, add the same amount of simple syrup as you do lime juice.


shake shake shake

Add in ice and give it a good shake! After that, fine strain your drink into your coup glass. Fine straining will ensure you get out any extra ice chips and will make the top of your cocktail nice and pristine.


grapefruit garnish

Finally, garnish with a grapefruit zest! Grapefruit zest is just something different to use, but you could garnish it with any citrus zest.


The next step is our personal favorite: sit back, sip, and enjoy your Kohana Daiquiri! If you’d rather have someone from our SKY Ohana make it for you, book a table to enjoy it tonight.

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