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Choose Your Favorite New Emoji and We’ll Tell You What New SKY Social bite You Should Try

It’s 2018, and everyone knows that the emojis you choose are pretty much as important as the actual words you’re typing. They say a lot about a person: Are you a little shy🙈? A mischief maker 😈? Maybe you’re a little hungover 😭🤢, or you just spilled some major gossip 💁‍♀️. We seriously can’t use too many emojis.  Thankfully, we’re being blessed with new emojis to convey our moods, pets, food, and personalities! What else is new? Our revamped Social Bites menu at SKY! Choose the emoji that speaks to your personality, and we’ll tell you which of these new dishes you need to try.


Choose your favorite new emoji...

Choose Your Favorite New Emoji and We’ll Tell You What New SKY Social bite You Should Try
Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you love this happy new teddy bear, then you’d love our new Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich! You love things that remind you of being young and carefree, and you don’t care who knows it! Our very *grown-up* version of your classic fave is country bread grilled with mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto and balsamic onions that’s served with spicy tomato sauce, so you totally won’t feel out of place eating a grilled cheese while sipping on a cocktail.
Champagne-Yuzu Scallops

Delicate and elegant, this swan emoji is just like our Champagne-Yuzu Scallops! You picked this emoji because you love the beauty in simplicity. These Hokkaido scallops are seared and served with a sweet pea puree and spicy champagne-yuzu espuma (we bet you’re so fancy, you already know what ‘espuma’ is!). They’re simple, delicious, and fancy AF.
Citrus Salad

You chose the head of lettuce, so obvi our new Citrus Salad is perfect for you. Lettuce may seem a little simple, but you sure aren’t (and neither is this salad)! You love the outdoors and you’re always the one to bring fresh snacks on your adventures to the beach or on a hike. You’re sure to love this flavor-packed salad topped with fennel, orange, blood orange, pomegranate, and mint, plus we toss in a yuzu-ginger vinaigrette!
Crispy Chicken Wings & Biscuit

Your heart - and eyes - will be filled with love if you try our Crispy Chicken Wings and Buttermilk Biscuit! This crowd favorite is perfect to share, and absolutely delicious. From the light and crispy chicken wings to the delicious buttermilk biscuit and jalapeño jam, you’ll find more and more reasons to love this dish with each bite!
Grande Short Rib Fajitas

You were drawn to this brick emoji because you love a good challenge and DIY activity, so you’re going to love our new Grande Short Rib Fajitas. Bricks might seem boring, but these fajitas are anything but! Grilled kalbi short ribs and sautéed vegetables are served with kimchee and tortillas, giving you and your friends a meal full of do-it-yourself fun! Playing with your food has never been better.
King Crab Tempura

This compass reminds us of adventures at sea. If you picked this new emoji, we’re sure you’d love our King Crab Tempura! This tempura king crab leg, shishito peppers, and lotus root is served with kabayaki mayo. With that many components, it’s like you’re taking a trip all around the world in one meal! It’s perfect for an adventurous soul like yourself.
Lobster Roll Sliders

If you love this little lobster, your favorite new social bite is a no-brainer. You’re a fan of seafood and love a simple lobster salad that reminds you of summers on the coast. Our Kona Cold Lobster salad is served simply on (everyone’s fave) King’s Hawaiian rolls. They’re they perfect bite to share with friends while overlooking the ocean!
Spicy Garlic Shrimp

You picked this new emoji because you’re not afraid to stand out and shine! If you’re looking for a dish that’s like a firecracker in your mouth then you need to try our Spicy Garlic Shrimp. This sautéed shrimp is served with a baguette, and it sounds simple, but it certainly packs a punch with every bite!
Yellowtail Ceviche

If this pretty peacock caught your eye, then you’d love our new yellowtail Ceviche! The things you’re drawn to are a little different-but that’s what makes them (and you!) beautiful. This fresh, bright, and colorful yellowtail sashimi is served with soy ceviche sauce and is the perfect light snack for your next dinner out with the pack.
Spiked Affogato

If you chose the brand-new party emoji, your new go-to is the spiked affogato. Dinner may be done, but your night sure isn’t! This is a shot of espresso poured over mac nut gelato with and Amaro Montenegro. The caffeine + booze is sure to give you the boost you need to party all night long!

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