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Choose Your Favorite Emmy-Nominated Drama Series and We’ll Dare You to a SKY-social-bite-smorgasbord Challenge

If your TV has anything to say about it, September 22, 2019 is highlighted in your calendar. Why? Emmys. As if you weren’t excited enough about the fall TV lineup coming back into your life, what could be better than celebrating your favorite shows in all their golden glo– “Yo, Emmys, we’re really happy for you and we’re gonna let you finish…but we’ve got some of the best social bites and cocktails of all time.” Not convinced? Choose your favorite Emmy-nominated drama series below and we’ll give you a SKY challenge you can’t refuse.


Which is your favorite Emmy-nominated drama series?

better call saul amc
bodyguard bbc
game of thrones
killing eve
pose on fx
succession hbo
this is us

Choose Your Favorite Emmy-Nominated Drama Series and We’ll Dare You to a SKY-social-bite-smorgasbord Challenge
A whole order of Grande Short Rib Fajitas with all the Ko Chu Jang sauce

Grande Short Rib Fajitas

Who doesn’t love an intense spin-off of an original? When you’re a loyal fan, you stay loyal till the end. That’s why we’re daring you to down an entire order of our Grande Short Rib Fajitas...with all of the spicy Ko Chu Jang sauce. Can you survive this harsh, dog-eat-dog world?
Sip a Blue Hawaii at Aloha SKYday

blue hawaii waikiki

You’ve got a stressful life and we don’t want to mess with that. So, we’re prescribing a dose of Aloha SKYday chill, rooftop vibes. With all of that important stuff you’ve got going on, nothing takes a load off like sipping a Blue Hawaii next to the fire pit with panoramic views of Waikiki. See, aren’t you more relaxed already?
VIP Table Service at the Nightclub

girls dancing at sky waikiki

You’ve got an epic life from start to finish, and you’re willing to stick it out until the end. That’s why we’re suggesting VIP Table Service at our rooftop nightclub on Saturday. Close out the club like only you know how with dancing, DJs, and’s the ending you deserve.
Sign up for our Ladies Night Champagne Special

ladies night waikiki

If you’re choosing an intensely twisted tale of women, obsession, brutality, and mind obviously are ready for Ladies Night. Like, oh my god, Becky, look at her butt; Ladies Night is all about the psychological warfare. Is she wearing the same dress as you? Who wore it better? Can you believe she just pulled that dance move? GNO takes on a whole new meaning.
Grab an Old Fashioned AF in the BACKBAR

sky waikiki speakeasy

You’re never one to shy away from a challenge, and more danger just means more thrill in your book. Live on the edge by searching out Waikiki’s only speakeasy, the BACKBAR. Will you be able to get a reservation and find the secret menu? Only then will you be rewarded with delicious cocktails, including the Old Fashioned AF.
Figure out your favorite slider with the Slider Trio Sampler

slider trio sampler

You’re just living life, figuring out how to make it yours. We say: yasss; you be you. Explore your taste buds and our sliders with our Slider Trio Sampler, with one each of a garlic chicken slider, lobster roll slider, and teriyaki pork slider. Sometimes, it’s okay to not know what you want.
Order a Perfect Cheeseburger and a SKYTai

perfect cheeseburger with avocado

When you’re facing the unknown, sometimes the best medicine is some comfort food. We know the mysteries of life can be scary; that’s why we’re serving up for you a Perfect Cheeseburger and a SKYTai. Enjoy for a minute and forget about looming work and family issues while savoring the best cheeseburger on the island and a satisfying tropical cocktail.
1 Garlic Chicken Slider

garlic chicken sliders

Are you feeling all the feels? JK, we know you are. After all the cray cray that happens in your everyday life, you just want to sit back and feel the love. You wear your emotions on your sleeve (because…sorry, no tank tops for men during dinner service), and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we’re daring you to eat 1 Garlic Chicken Slider. That’s right, just 1. The happy tears from your first bite and ugly tears from not eating a second will take you right through the emotional rollercoaster of one episode of This Is Us. You know what, just thank us later.

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