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Choose an Aloha Life Cocktail and We’ll Tell You Where to Spend Your Next Beach Day

Mix up your beach day routine in the mixologist-tested, cocktail-lover approved way! They say you can tell a lot about someone by their choice of drink – um, definitely! Chances are, we can totally tell whether you’re easy-breezy or boldly adventurous. And since we’re firm believers in finding the perfect splash for every sip this summer, we’ve paired your favorite Aloha Life cocktail with the beach guaranteed to be your perfect pick-me-up. So choose your fav drink and we’ll tell you where to spend your next beach day!


Choose an Aloha Life Cocktail

Choose an Aloha Life Cocktail and We’ll Tell You Where to Spend Your Next Beach Day
Laniakea Beach (Turtle Beach)

You’re bubbly, sweet, and probably (definitely) love to cheers with your crew. Start jumping for joy at Laniakea Beach! Best known as Turtle Beach, you’ll spend the day *squealing* as Hawaiian honu (green sea turtles) pop up to bask on the sand. And they definitely receive the royal treatment!

Heads up: we looove our honu. They are an important cultural symbol of Hawaii. Please be mindful of disturbing them. Onsite volunteers help make it a great experience for everyone – turtles included! So, let us pop open the prosecco while you relax on the beach with your new besties!

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Turtle Bay (Turtle Bay & Kuilima Cove)

For you, life is refreshingly exciting: you’re free-spirited and basically faint for the wonderful, little things in life. That’s why Turtle Bay has everything you’re looking for in a fantastic beach day.

Your next beach destination is actually two bays flanking famous Turtle Bay Resort. To the left, Turtle Bay’s break hosts smooth north swells: perfect for longboard surfing. To the right sits the calm Kuilima Cove: so maika’i (good) for snorkeling! Let your spirit live at both bays.

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Waimea Bay Beach Park

You’re the LIFE OF THE PARTY. Yes, in caps, cause YOU ARE! You’re the one who rallies the troops and single-handedly keeps the party going. Make the good times last at Waimea Bay Beach Park.

Splash away your inhibitions by jumping off the giant rock formation to the left of the bay. Dive through the underwater cave and play in the shorebreak. Seriously, the water in the summer is like the holy grail of Hawaii. You just gotta be there!

But beware! The winter swell brews up unbelievably huge waves…that can break OVER the jumping rock. Which makes the bay ideal for the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave International Surf Contest. So be the first to test the waters (well, after asking the lifeguard!) at this iconic beach.

Tangent: Waimea Bay is seemingly bottomless – another thing you love (if only all drinks came that way…)! Speaking of drinks, the dark pink shades of our Endless Summer complement the dark turquoise of the bay. Talk about meant to be!

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Hanauma Bay

Royal treatment? That’s not even a question. You adore the finer things in life and believe that R&R is as important as y-o-u. That’s why Hanauma Bay will have you feeling like a queen (or king) of everything…including cute little fishies!

Live your best life and snorkel with your royal subjects (over 300 Hawaiian fish species!). But more importantly, it’s, like, super majestic: this nature preserve is cradled in the mystique of a volcanic crater and was once the sacred fishing ground to ancient Hawaiian ali’i (chiefs), AKA the VIPs in ancient Hawaii. Yeah – we thought you’d like that part! Even more importantly, there’s a shuttle that takes you DIRECTLY to the beach! Oh. My. God. Yes.

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‘Ehukai Beach Park (Banzai Pipeline)

Your spirit bursts with positivity and has a knack for finding the paradise in any situation. Sunny day? The world is yours. Rainy day? Yep, the world is still yours. That’s why there’s no better beach than the magnificent ‘Ehukai Beach Park.

Known worldwide as Banzai Pipeline, this iconic beach is where barreling legendary waves became *a thing* During monstrous winter swells, the beach hosts competitions like the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and the Billabong Pipe Masters. It’s like having front-row seats to the best surf contest ever.

But don’t worry (although you’re not!) about the swells… summertime brings flat waves and lots of chances to snorkel. Otherwise, we both know relaxing on the sand is just as perfect.

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Sans Souci (Kaimana Beach)

Keeping things interesting isn’t just your specialty – it’s your calling! You draw inspiration from the world around you and are always growing…Small talk? Cake. First impressions? Cake. Knowing random (not useless) trivia?? Caaake. That’s why your perfect beach is Sans Souci, known locally as Kaimana Beach (but you knew that!).

Random trivia 1: Sans Souci means “without a care” in French.

Random trivia 2: it’s the namesake of Prussian King Frederick the Great’s summer palace, which was supposed to be Berlin’s Versailles. Like, right??

Random trivia 3: the first telegraphic link between Hawaii and the mainland was connected off Kaimana Beach’s shore in 1902!

Phew, so much history in one place, it makes us want another Kula Shaker. And now if anyone asks, you’ll blow them away…per usual!

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Sunset Beach

Strong auras breathe life into others, and your aura is freaking radiant. You have a warm heart and care passionately for the lucky ones that get to call you their friend! Plus, you’re just that fun to be around. That’s why you’ll soak in all the love at Sunset Beach.

It’s almost as if golden hour amplifies your superpower (which we’re pretty sure is straight up just being amazing). Seriously, is the sun setting just for you?? Since you’ll likely find nirvana on this North Shore coastline, make sure to bring along good vibes and your best buds for Sunset’s golden sunset. Get ready to shout “WEEERRRK” as a fire sky flitters into shades of pink, blue, and purple. Yaas, sun, YAAAS.

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Waimanalo Bay (Sherwood Beach)

Easygoing is an understatement. You’re the definition of unbothered and are down with the simple things in life. The miles and miles of soft, white sand at Waimanalo Bay will be music to your... feet?

Anyway, the bay is nestled between the majestic Makapu’u cliffs and the tip of Wailea Point: perfect for taking in the beauty the windward side. Get lost in the forest of towering Ironwood trees or wander along the bay’s 3-mile long coast. Tread above turquoise waves or sink to the sandy seafloor. Either way, you’re sure to find happiness in the bay!

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Shark's Cove (Pupukea Tidepools)

Wide-eyed and wanderlust. Trust us, if there were more “w” words that described those two things, you’d be those, too. You’re wonderfully (there we go!) adventurous and have genuine curiosity. That’s why Shark’s Cove, AKA Pupukea Tidepools, is your perfect beach pairing.

(Usually) shark-free, locals will totally tell you that these tidepools are the best snorkeling spot on the North Shore. Imagine swimming along, singing la-di-da, then WOW, turtle. OMG, manta ray. OH HI, tons of fish, like, seriously, fish everywhere. Don’t blink! And shake (not stir) your way over to get your fill of the extraordinary.

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Canoes and Queens

Wake me up, before you go-go! Wait…is that song reference too old…………whatever, #IYKYK. You’re always ready to “seize the day” and are usually leading the charge in your group’s next grand adventure. Keep the energy vibrant at Canoes and Queens Beaches.

Separated only by a breakwater, these two leeegendary Waikiki surf breaks sing praise to surf legend Duke Kahanamoku (yeah, that’s his statue!). Follow the Duke to Canoes and ride the best surf break on the South Shore. Or go to the Duke’s right and relax in Queens’ mellow waves. Or go on a tour. Take a surf lesson. Ride a canoe for the heck of it! Since our mocktail won’t slow you down, the adventure is yours to decide.

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Lanikai Beach

We’re almost positive the phrase “pep in your step” was invented for you: you take the world head on and have energy for dayyys. That’s why your perfect spot is Lanikai Beach.

Literally “Heaven Ocean” in Hawaiian, Lanikai is proof there’s no better way to start your day than rising with the sun on its shores. Dance – or kayak! – as the sky bursts with purple, pink, and orange over an ocean of glistening aquamarine and turquoise. It’s so revitalizing, we swear to Goddess we were reborn, like, happier. Keep your spirit bright all day (smart choice with this yummy mocktail), because Lanikai is just as gorgeous in the moonlight!

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Ala Moana Beach Park

Motivated and hard working are not just words on your resume – you’re the real deal, baby! Add “loves long walks on the beach” and “sunny days in the park” to that, and you’re the best combination of work and play! That’s why you’ll definitely dig Ala Moana Beach Park.

Get your sweat on at any of the exercise spaces available in the park’s 100 acres of lush green space. Jog the paved paths and take in all the hard work put into the park’s aesthetics. You can even swoon at sunset over the lagoon to satisfy the romantic in you. You’ll pucker up (not just because of our deliciously sour mocktail!) with excitement at this beautiful getaway in the heart of Honolulu.

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