cheeseburger waikiki

Celebrate Cheeseburger Day at SKY!

cheeseburger waikiki

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year . . . No matter how much you love these holidays, one thing is for sure: There’s WAY too much planning involved for all of them. We just want to celebrate! Who’s with us? Luckily, there’s a glimmer of hope between today and the holiday season . . . a #Holiday that’s bound to be relaxing and – most importantly – filled with delicious food. That day would be #NationalCheeseburgerDay! What sounds better than a day made for sitting back, ordering a delicious burger, and enjoying it with your friends? Pretty much nothing. Like we said, we at SKY have it all figured out so you can skip the planning, and cooking (thank goodness), and get right to celebrating!

We spoke to Executive Chef Lance Kosaka to find out how he makes the Perfect Cheeseburger (that’s actually the name), which is about to be your #1 go-to for celebrating National Cheeseburger Day every year! Read on for the run-down:

It’s a Patty Party!

Chef Lance knows that every great burger starts with the patty – and at SKY we have ours down to a (simple) science! The key is to use a mixture of meats to get the perfect moisture, mouthfeel, and taste. They start with a super-secret ratio of chuck, short rib, and brisket which is cut, salted, and ground in-house. When forming the patties, don’t skimp on the meat! But, we’ll let you in on a secret: pack the patties light so your end result is a juicy, tender, steak-like patty… we’re drooling already!


Don’t forget to K.I.S.S. (That’s Keep It Simple, Silly!)

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By now, we’ve already established that the star of this show is our perfect patty. Much like Beyoncé’s backup dancers are there to make her look ah-mazing without upstaging her, our burger toppings are used to showcase the meat, not hide it! We keep it simple with Kula butter lettuce, local tomato, a little bit of mayo, and that all-important cheddar cheese.


Top It All Off

This lovely combination of ingredients is then served on a buttered brioche bun (try saying that five times fast!) that is made right here in Hawaii by This Is It Bakery. To prove that Chef has thought of how to perfect *everything* on this burger, these delicious buns are branded with our logo to really remind you that you’re enjoying #NationalCheeseburgerDay in the SKY! Bonus: they’re totally Instagrammable. Check out the video to see this in action. The burger is then served with a side of crispy French fries, which no burger would be complete without! By  the way, have you tried our Garlic & Truffle Butter Fries? Try them with your burger and thank us later.

Are you drooling yet? Us too. Well now that you know how it’s done, come in and try a Perfect Cheeseburger! Make your reservation and don’t forget to mark your calendars for #NationalCheeseburgerDay.