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Can You Mix the Most Technically Difficult Cocktail at SKY Waikiki?

We’re all about delicious at SKY Waikiki, which is why we love our mixologist, Jen Ackrill. She understands the complexities behind cocktail ingredients, creating drinks that are not only yummy, but also technically advanced.   


We’ve got our doubts, but Jen thinks a simple video tutorial and lots of practice can have each of you mixing the most technically difficult cocktail on our menu. Think you’ve got what it takes? Watch her video or follow the instructions below! 



1. Prepare your space 

sky waikiki speakeasy


Arguably the most important step in this process, according to Jen, is preparing your space. Make sure you’ve got lots of elbow room to spread out your tools and ingredients. Staying organized is key! 


2. Ingredients 

The ingredients are the simplest part of this cocktail. You’re going to want to get your hands on some Domaine de Nizas, lychees, raspberries, and limes.  



3. Psych! 

April Fool’s! You can’t make this one (unless you have a frosé machine).  


Did we get ya? Either way, we’ve got a nice cold glass of No Way, Frosé! waiting for you. It’s got Domaine de Nizas rose, lychee, raspberry, and lime. Oh wait…you already knew that 😉 


No Way Frose