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Can We Read Your Mind?

Have you ever spent a dime to have a psychic stare into a magical crystal ball or read cards to tell you your future, only to have nightmares from it? Well this isn’t like that at all…we’re all about good vibes, rooftop chilling, and positive solutions…alcoholic solutions, that is. Is there a better solution than alcohol to turn your life from drab to fab? Mmmmm, nope, absolutely not! Buttttttt, happy hour from 5-9pm at the bar sure sweetens up any alcoholic suggestions!


So step on up to our Cristal Ball and tell us exactly how your life could use a glow up. We will warn you, it’s fierce with its readings, but it’ll recommend something even stronger to turn that trash into treasure.


How could your life use a glow up?

Can We Read Your Mind?
Ketel One Vodka Cocktail

bartender's choice cocktail

Pina Colada

pina colada


sky tai at sky waikiki

House Red

happy hour in hawaii

House White

happy hour waikiki

No Way Frose

No Way Frose



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