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8 Reasons Why Dogs are the Worst

Dogs are all over the internet in the form of cute pictures, family videos, and even memes. But who actually likes them? Is it really a good idea to trust dog people if these creatures are what they choose to love? Read on for 8 reasons why dogs are just the worst.


  1. They’re horrible with kids.

I wouldn’t trust these monsters with my child, or anyone’s! This little girl is definitely not enjoying playing with this pup.

puppies and kids

  1. They’ll get your dishes dirty. Yuck!

This puppy has no respect for your kitchenware.

puppy in a tea cup

  1. They take naps on you, making it impossible to get work done.

Are you supposed to think this is precious?

dog sleeping on your hand

  1. To make it worse, they aren’t even adorable when they’re sleepy.

Nope, not cute in the slightest.

napping puppy

  1. They’ll make you run outside with them.

Playing with a puppy outside every day? Potentially meeting other dogs? No thank you!

puppy running in the grass


  1. They give you the most disapproving looks.

Look at those cold eyes.

chihuahua puppy

  1. They’ll never go on adventures with you.

Dogs hate the outdoors!

dog on the beach

  1. They just aren’t cute as puppies.

You heard us.

super cute puppy

They’re not adorable

puppy eyes pug

Or heartwarming!

smiling golden retriever

Dogs… They’re the WORST!

opposite dog