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5 Reasons You Need to Take a Girls’ Night Out!

Every once in a while, ladies need a night that’s all about girls, girls, girls! When was the last time you went out with your besties for a night of dancing, drinks, and funNo matter how often you go out, there’s always a good excuse to have a night out with your girlsBelow are 5 reasons why a girls’ night out is the best at SKY Waikiki!

Dance Like No One’s Watching

We’ll start this off with the obv: Girl’s Night Out is the best time to show off your moves and get out all the steam from the work week. Dancing with your girls is the best because: 1) you don’t feel bad dancing with different people throughout night, and 2) whether you shake it like Beyonce or like you bop like you’re back at your 8th grade dance, guaranteed your girls won’t judge while you let loose on the dance floor. 

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Whether you’re single, in a long-term relationship, or something in between, your girlfriends are always there when you need them to be. Since we spend most of our time working or with our sig others/families, it’s relaxing, healthy, and fun to get out with the girls every once in a while! When you get out on the dance floor with a drink in your hand and your besties behind you, all the worries of your week melt away and you can enjoy your night having fun and being you! 

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

“Getting dolled up with my besties is the worst,” said no girl ever. Most girls can agree that getting ready and dressing up on the weekend is the best part of a GNO. Getting out of your office wear and into that LBD and heels (that you spent all that money on) feels great! And, what feels better than that? Your squad pumping each other up, giving compliments left and right, telling each other you’re all amazing (because you are!). Looking your best and enjoying a night of dancing or bottle service with the girls will have you feeling super confident.

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But First, Champagne

SKY knows how to jumpstart your fun. You’ve gotten dressed up and shown off your dance moves – what’s next? Delicious cocktails for you and your besties? We’ve got you covered, no matter what your drinking style is! Does sipping from a champagne glass makes us feel fun, fancy, and flirtyWe’ve got bottles for you and your girls! Maybe you prefer colorful drinks that are sweet and totally Instagrammable – girl, you know we have those as well! Any way you sip it, you know you’ll be living your best life with a drink in hand!


Your girls steer you in the right direction. Not like when they make you take your sixth shot of vodka, or that time they convinced you it was a good idea to talk to that guy with the goatee across the bar. We’re talking about how your girls are always there when you need them.  

Having second thoughts about the guy you’re dating? Talk to your girls. Need to vent about the ups and downs of life? Your girls are all ears! Looking for advice on your next haircut, or what shoes to buy next? Well, you get the idea. Your girlfriends want what’s best for you and will always be honest. There’s no better way to spend a Friday than sorting out your life over a bottle of champagne with your besties.

Are you feeling like having a girls’ night out yet? We bet you are! There’s a lot of fun (and drinks) to be had, so we don’t blame you. Now get your girls, get dressed up, and head to SKY this weekend for a night all about y-o-u!