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10 Poke Spots on Oahu for Every Occasion (in no particular order)

Poke (pronounced “po-kay”) is the Hawaiian word for “to section” or “to slice or cut”. It’s basically cubes of raw fish mixed with sauce and other toppings, like furikake (seaweed), onions, or sesame seeds. The most common fish used in poke are ahi (yellowfin tuna), salmon, and octopus. Our personal favorite: spicy ahi! 😍

Poke is a must-try item when in Hawaii! Honestly, there are so many poke spots that it can be really hard to choose. Are you heading to the beach? With your friends? Throwing a party? Dressed super fancy? Fear not, there’s a poke spot for every occasion! We’ve compiled a list of 10 great poke spots on Oahu for every occasion! Read on to find the perfect spot for whatever you’ve got going on today (in no particular order)!

1. SKY Waikiki – Best Poke for Sharing

We may be biased, but we love poke with an ocean view without the worry of sand blowing in the bowl! At SKY Waikiki, we love to add a creative twist to local plates, as seen with our version of a poke bowl: spicy ahi poke with avocado mousse and bubu arare. Who doesn’t love avocado?

All our social bites are meant to be shared, so grab your friends, enjoy gorgeous views of Waikiki Beach, and share some yummy poke!

sky waikiki ahi poke

Instagram @shuukaren12kaji

2. Foodland Hawaii – Best Poke for Variety

Quick, convenient, and plenty of choices- Foodland is proud to be “Hawaii’s Home for Poke”! Foodland store locations can be found all over the island, so you can grab poke no matter where you are or what you’re doing! The best part is they always have a TON of local-favorite flavors made fresh daily. So, no matter what kind of poke you may be craving, a Foodland poke bowl (or bento box) is sure to satisfy!

Instagram @foodlandalamoana

3. Island Vintage Coffee – Best Poke to Take to the Beach in the Morning

We love being able to get everything we need in one place; that’s why Island Vintage is the best spot to grab a coffee AND a poke bowl in the morning to take the beach! All of their delicious poke bowls are made using wild-caught, locally sourced ahi and can be customized with your choice of rice, salad, and various toppings. They have a variety of local-favorite flavors and even offer vegetarian and vegan options for your bowl!

island vintage poke

Instagram @m_luvs_jir

4. Ahi Assassins Fish Co. – Best Poke to Support Small, Local Business

Ahi Assassins prides itself on being “boat to table,” serving only sustainably local-caught fish! They’re owned by a local couple, Josh and Erika, who have flourished their business without a “middle-man markup” because…there is no middle man! When you purchase poke from Ahi Assassins, you’re supporting a small, locally owned business. Since they catch their own fish fresh daily, they do close early if their daily supply runs out (sad face). Better make sure you get there fast!

ahi assassins poke

Instagram @ahi_assassins


5. Shaka Poke-Don – Best Poke for a Unique Experience

Shaka Poke is a hidden gem right in the heart of Waikiki! It’s the perfect spot for a unique experience because you pick your own sauce and watch them shake up your poke in front of you, ensuring each bite is perfectly coated in flavor. It gets better! If Ivan is working on the day you visit, he might just sing you a song (or two) as he makes your order! Let’s just say, we wouldn’t want to be in a karaoke battle against him…

shaka poke waikiki



6. Paina Café – Best Poke for Super Picky Eaters

Paina Cafe takes pride in being the “Home of the Original Poke Bowl”! They offer a wide variety of freshly mixed flavors and toppings, so you can customize your bowl to be just how you’d like it! Making it the perfect poke spot for those who are a little more… “specific” with their food. Check them out at one of their Oahu locations, Ward Center and Koko Marina Center, or in Korea Town Plaza in Las Vegas!

paina cafe poke

Instagram @trip_yu


7. Fresh Catch Poke Co. – Best Eco-Friendly Poke

Literally freshly caught fish…Fresh Catch prides itself on serving sustainably caught seafood and locally sourced produce. That’s not the only thing that makes them the best eco-friendly poke…all of their packaging and tableware is biodegradable and compostable! They’re truly dedicated to helping you commit to a healthy lifestyle for your body and our world! Plus, their poke is absolutely delicious!

fresh catch poke

Instagram @annie_eatsfood


8. Taniokas Seafoods & Catering – Best Poke for Throwing a Party

If you’ve ever wondered where to find us at a party, it’s at the food table (no shame). Especially when there’s Tanioka’s! Tanioka’s is a family-owned business that has been serving “quality foods with a friendly smile” to Hawaii for 38 years! They specialize in fresh, locally sourced ahi and aku, but are also known for their extensive pupus and catering menu. This makes them the best poke spot for throwing a party, since you can order enough poke to make sure none of your guests go hungry!

taniokas poke

Instagram @taniokas


9. Ono Seafood Products – Best Poke for When you Mean Business

Ono Seafood is open daily, located right outside Waikiki, and is a no-frills restaurant, making it the best poke spot when you don’t want to mess around…you mean [poke] business! It’s a favorite among locals for their inexpensive, fresh poke bowls and combos. They also have a great selection of local-favorite flavors and toppings, which can all be customized, including the spice level! That’s some serious poke bowl stuff, man.

ono seafood products

Instagram @ono.seafood


10. Top of Waikiki – Best Poke for Feeling Fancy AF

When you want to feel fancy and hold up your pinky while eating poke, what better place to do it than Hawaii’s only revolving restaurant?! Top of Waikiki is a beautiful venue to celebrate special occasion or have a nice evening out, and the only place you can get a 360-degree view of Diamond Head, Waikiki, and the Honolulu City Lights. Their poke is a great way to start off your dinner and can be eaten traditionally or you can create a lettuce “wrap” using the Ko Chu Jang sauce. However you choose to eat it, this poke is jam-packed full of flavor and probably the fanciest poke bowl we’ve ever seen!

top of waikiki poke